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Open the Door to New Learning

Five children with excited expressions are gathered around a book. The child in the center and the child on the far right are each touching the book with one of their index fingers.

Reading is for everyone! Whether using low vision devices or the braille code to access literacy opportunities, the same process is followed when learning to read. Now, educators and reading enthusiasts alike can access a new course called Unlocking the Foundations of Reading for Students with Visual Impairments in the Hive. Never before has online professional learning explored this unique topic!

Who Benefits?

Often Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments are expected to decipher the difference between content and access related reading difficulties, with limited access to resources and training. This course helps equip them to consider possible root causes of reading difficulties by examining the foundation of typical reading development, identifying the impact of low vision and blindness while learning to read, and analyzing various data collection methods and tools. This free, 10-hour course (equivalent to 1.0 CEU) includes access to unique, fully accessible learning resources that can only be found in the Hive.

What Will You Learn?

Taking careful attention to spotlight a variety of voices from the field, this course consists of eight learning modules that skillfully blend general education concepts with vision specific knowledge. With assistance of a course facilitator, Hive users open various doors of learning, including:

  • The Science Behind Reading
  • Essential Components of Reading
  • Developing Skilled Readers
  • Factors that Affect Access to Reading

When Can I Start Learning?

Unlocking the Foundations of Reading for Students with Visual Impairments will arrive in the Hive during the month of January, beginning with the launch of the first three modules. Subsequent months will then feature the release of additional modules which will be loaded to the course, with completion of content set for late spring. Be sure to join in the learning by visiting the Hive and enrolling in the course. Enrollment allows you to move around within the course content by determining your own sequence of learning based on personal topics of interest and access amazing data collection tools and supplemental video content.

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