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Now Available! Step-By-Step, Second Edition

birds eye view of someone standing on a brick path with a white cane

*Update 7/20/21: Step-By-Step Part 1 and Part 2 are now available for purchase. 

We’re happy to announce the release of the second edition of this popular interactive computer-based curriculum that provides step-by-step instructions and demonstrations of how to perform mobility techniques.

What is Step-By-Step?

Step-By-Step is a comprehensive curriculum for teaching future orientation & mobility (O&M) specialists, teachers of the visually impaired, and living skills instructors how to teach mobility skills to people who have visual impairments. The curriculum provides hundreds of step-by-step video demonstrations of how to perform mobility techniques. It also includes videos of common errors made by new travelers, and through an interactive interface, the curriculum guides the user in strategies to identify and correct these errors.

Step-By-Step can also be used as a reference and review guide for practicing instructors who wish to update their skills after being out of the field, and also as an aid to help other education and rehabilitation professionals, families, and friends of people with visual impairments to understand and support the performance of mobility skills that students with visual impairments are learning.


What’s Included?

In addition to the videos, the curriculum includes a comprehensive set of study guides and pictorial review guides that provide additional information on such things as selecting teaching environments, identifying prerequisite skills, instructional strategies, and modified mobility skills.

Step-By-Step (SBS 2nd Ed) comprises two flash drives:

  • Part 1 includes techniques such as guiding, non-cane, and related skills (e.g., search patterns) commonly taught by O&M instructors, teachers of the visually impaired, rehabilitation vision therapists, and other professionals.
  • Part 2includes advanced techniques taught by O&M professionals (e.g., cane skills, street crossings, using public transportation, and environment-specific skills such as traveling on escalators and in rural areas).

This updated edition of Step-By-Step also includes new techniques and information.


Order Step-By-Step Part 1 and Part 2 today!

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