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All the support a teacher or trustee could ask for.

Teachers and EOTs have a lot to keep up with and sometimes they need a little extra help or knowledge so they can provide an optimal level of service to students with vision loss.

MATT Connect Professional
Development Hours

Zoom once a month on a Thursday at two different hours: 10 am and 3 pm EST

February 13 – Using the MATT Connect in a Classroom

  • Magnifier and distance applications
  • Using the split screen camera feature
  • Writing under the camera
  • Transitioning from near to distance viewing
  • Using the distance camera to view more than just the board
  • Using the charging pack with the distance camera
  • Tips and Tricks from the TVI

Sign up individually to be sure and earn one Continuing Education Unit!

10 am:

3 pm:

Upcoming Professional
Development Opportunities

10 am and 3 pm EST

March 19 – Calculators and Semester Exams

April 23 – Books, Books and More Books

May 14 – Gallery and Notes

June 18 – Setting up the MATT Connect for New School Year

July 16 – Setting up the MATT Connect for New School Year

August 6 – Setting up the MATT Connect for the New School Year

Request Training

APH stands at the ready to support teachers and EOTs in their work. Our staff regularly connects with the field to conduct trainings, presentations, and workshops in the areas of accessibility, teaching methodology, and effective use of APH products. Let us know how can we help.