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Access Academy (formerly #AtHomeWithAPH) is your one-stop resource for the meaningful education and training webinars you need to get the most out of APH products and services. From tutorials on new products and hacks on how to get the most from your beloved tech, to information on resources, services, and programs: our goal is to give you the info you need for home, the classroom, and the workplace.

The majority of Access Academy webinars also provide Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation & Education Professionals (ACVREP) credit. Credit is only available for the live presentation at this time. To collect ACRVEP credit, please listen for the opening and closing codes during the live session and submit these on the ACVREP Certificate Request form on the APH Hive. Following submission, a certificate will be immediately available on your APH Hive dashboard.

Upcoming Access Academy Webinars

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  • Title of Webinar
    Duxbury: Textbook Transcription from Start to Finish
    June 7th, 9th, 14th, 16th, 21st, and 23rd
    3:00 PM–4:30 PM EDT
    90 minutes
    Producing high-quality digital and embossed braille using Duxbury, NimPro and NIMAS files has never been easier! Register for this series of 6 webinars and learn how to acquire NIMAS files, then format content using Duxbury tools. Some knowledge of BANA’s Braille Formats 2016 is recommended; it is not required to be an Accessible Media Producer with NIMAC in order to participate.
    Deborah Krise, Prison Braille instructor, TRICOR Tennessee Rehabilitative Initiative in Corrections
    Primary Core or ECC Area
    Compensatory Access
    Target Audience
    Braille transcribers
    Pre-requisite knowledge
    knowledge of BANA’s Braille Formats 2016 is recommended

    Learning Objectives

    Session 1 (June 7th):

    • Describe how to access a file from NIMAC site as Accessible Media Producer (AMP)
    • Download, Save, & Convert NIMAS file to braille file using NimPro/Duxbury
    • Explore NimPro features that help with initial formatting of the downloaded file–e.g., typeforms
    • Identify types of NIMAS files to download and how they can be used for transcription, esp. PDF, xml, and images

    Session 2 (June 9th):

    • Identify NIMAS and Duxbury tools for setting up initial formatting of a text, including transcriber-generated pages.
    • Identify common issues when working with Duxbury conversions. Saving multiple files/ transcriptions)
    • Describe how to set Document setting for transcription.

    Session 3 (June 14th):

    • Identify 3 Duxbury editing and formatting features (Pagination, Table of Contents, Typeforms).
    • Set and edit print page numbers in a text generated from a NIMAS file using Duxbury
    • Set up and edit Table of Contents from a NIMAS file using Duxbury
    • Identify common features of print TOCs that require special attention when editing
    • List procedures for editing TOC for subsequent volumes of a text
    • List procedures for separating large text chapters between volumes, following TOC guidelines
    • Describe how NIMAS files reflect print typeforms

    Session 4 (June 16th):

    • Identify 3 Duxbury editing and formatting features (Headings, List and Tables, Alphabetic References)
    • Differentiate NIMAS-generated and transcriber-made choices for headings
    • Describe editing procedure used to unlock “tables” with NimPro/Duxbury conversion from NIMAS
    • Describe editing features for different types of tables, with NimPro/Duxbury conversion, including Keyed Column Headings and/or Row Headings; Wide Tables: Listed Table Format; Wide Tables: Facing Pages

    Session 5 (June 21st):

    • Describe editing features for Nested Lists, including alphabetic references (e.g. glossary, index)
    • Describe features in NIMAS generated files for Sidebars, Line Numbered Text/Poetry, Footnotes, Math/MathML, Footnotes, and Pronunciation keys

    Session 6 (June 23rd):

    • Question and answer
    Collect ACVREP Credit
    Credit is only available for the live presentation. To collect ACRVEP credit, please listen for the opening and closing codes, then submit these to the APH Hive’s NEW webinar certificate portal within 30 days of the scheduled event. Following submission, a certificate is immediately available and stored.

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