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Access Academy (formerly #AtHomeWithAPH) is your one-stop resource for the meaningful education and training webinars you need to get the most out of APH products and services. From tutorials on new products and hacks on how to get the most from your beloved tech, to information on resources, services, and programs: our goal is to give you the info you need for home, the classroom, and the workplace.

The majority of Access Academy webinars also provide Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation & Education Professionals (ACVREP) credit. Credit is only available for the live presentation at this time. To collect ACRVEP credit, please listen for the opening and closing codes during the live session and submit these on the ACVREP Certificate Request form on the APH Hive. Following submission, a certificate will be immediately available on your APH Hive dashboard.

Upcoming Access Academy Webinars

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  • Title of Webinar
    Code Jumper, coding and O&M: Headed in the same direction
    Friday, September 30th
    3:00 PM–4:00 PM EDT
    60 minutes
    There are a lot of similarities between coding and O&M: both require steps, occasionally need debugging and can have a start and end point. In this session, we will explore how coding can be used to engage students in O&M skills through Code Jumper, a hands-on physical coding program from APH. Learn how one teacher has used coding as a tool to help students understand and practice O&M skills.
    Robin Lowell , Senior Manager, Accessibility at i2e
    Julie Hapeman, TVI, COMS, CVRT, and CATIS, Doctoral Candidate at Alverno College
    Primary Core or ECC Area
    Assistive Technology
    Target Audience
    Teachers, Administrators, STEAM and STEM Teachers, Assistive Technology Instructor, Paraprofessionals, Students, Parents
    Pre-requisite knowledge
    A base-line knowledge of Code Jumper is required for this webinar. Visit and view the Tutorial Videos before attending this webinar.
    Lesson Plan Goal
    The participant will observe how coding impacts student learning.
    Learning Objectives
    The participant will differentiate the components of Code Jumper.
    The participant will compare the parallels between coding and O&M skills.
    The participant will learn how to incorporate coding into O&M lessons.
    Materials Needed
    Collect ACVREP Credit
    Credit is only available for the live presentation. To collect ACRVEP credit, please listen for the opening and closing codes, then submit these to the APH Hive’s NEW webinar certificate portal within 30 days of the scheduled event. Following submission, a certificate is immediately available and stored.

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