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Abacus Divide and Conquer

Access Academy webinar banner with logo. A cropped photo shows 2,826 divided by 86 set on an abacus and the abacus is resting on top of printed division problems. Text reads: 6/13/2024, Abacus Divide and Conquer, Leanne Grillot. 1:30 - 3:30 PM (ET). ACVREP Credits


June 13, 2024, 1:30pm - 3:30pm Eastern


Practice is everything, especially when learning how to divide numbers using the abacus. Webinar attendees will be guided through dividing single-digit numbers using the abacus. As confidence is gained, training progresses to division of larger numbers, along with guidance to understand common abacus mistakes. The webinar will end with exploring the use of an abacus as a portable calendar.

Primary Core or ECC Area: Mathematics  

Target Audience: TVIs, parents, paraprofessionals 

Pre-requisite knowledge:   Abacus addition and subtraction using complementary numbers (Look for the Hive course called The Abacus: A Million Manipulatives in Your Pocket 


  • Leanne Grillot, APH Senior Director of Outreach Services

Learning Objectives

  • Reproduce vocabulary when teaching division using an abacus. 
  • Explain the rules for quotient figure placement and the purposes of how a division problem is set on an abacus. 
  • Explain common errors students make when dividing with an abacus. 
  • Evaluate division expressions to teach single-digit divisor division problems without remainders. 
  • Evaluate division expressions to teach single-digit divisor division problems with rests. 
  • Explain the process of teaching division with more than one-digit divisors using the partial quotients method on a braillewriter. 
  • Demonstrate how to use the abacus as a calendar. 

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