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Strategies for Empowering Independent Living Skills (Part 2)

Access Academy webinar banner with logo. A cropped photo shows a young boy washing dishes. Text reads: 5/21/2024, Strategies for Empowering Independent Living Skills, Part 2, Mindy Koehne and Brittany Williamson. 3-4pm (ET). Family Connect logo included.


May 21, 2024, 3:00pm - 4:00pm


Continue helping students transition from school to home this summer! Join Part 2 of this webinar series to explore how to help children with blindness or low vision develop advanced skills in the area of independent living skills. By continuing the checklist approach, we will monitor progress and identify the next steps for gaining new skills. This webinar is dedicated to empowering children towards their fullest potential of independence, with strategies that align with family and professional goals. 


  • Mindy Koehne - TVI, COMS
  • Brittany Williams - TVI, COMS

Primary Core or ECC Area

Independent Living

Target Audience

Parent, Orientation and Mobility Specialist, Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments, Paraprofessional

Learning Objectives

  • Identify advanced independent living skills  
  • Apply the checklist approach to assess a child’s progress in basic independent living skills and determine the necessary steps for advancing to more complex skill areas 
  • Align advanced independent living skills with family and professional goals 

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