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Legacies of Influence: Honoring the Impactful Individuals in Our Lives

A line of shovels with colorful handles stuck in the dirt. On top of each handle is a white construction helmet with The Dot Experience logo.

Championing and supporting those who make a real difference in people’s lives is a core part of what drives us at the American Printing House for the Blind (APH). As we work to build the most accessible museum in the world, The Dot Experience, our goal is to showcase the people who have been influential in ensuring accessibility both within the local community and around the world.

In addition to the individuals featured in The Dot Experience, we want you to be able to honor those who have influenced you, too. An influencer is someone who has significantly impacted you or helped shape you into becoming the person you are today. Their influence could have been through school, work, family, community, church, an advocacy group, or some other avenue in of your life. Big or small, they made an impact. Honor your influencer and their name will become a part of a tactile donor recognition display within APH’s Museum, The Dot Experience.

Read below to find out more about who influenced board member, Marje Kaiser:

A smiling woman with short hair holds a plaque with two smiling men, who are looking at each other, stand beside her.

One of the people who had a great influence on my life and my career was a man I will always think of as my mentor – Burt Boyer.

When I was working on my Masters’ Degree in School Administration, I did my internship with Burt. He brought me to Louisville for my first annual meeting. Burt knew everyone in COSB and APH and they all knew and respected him. As he introduced me, it was the equivalent of saying “This is Marje. She’s with me.” and I received instant acceptance. If Burt vouched for me, I must be OK.

As superintendent, Burt was my boss for six years when I was the director of the Deaf-Blind program. We talked through many issues on topics ranging from working with parents to the development of state policies. In many cases, I’d bring a problem to Burt and he’d listen patiently, ask a few questions. By the end of the conversation, he’d often say “Well, I think you have this figured out.” He also challenged me to chair a teacher team tasked with curriculum updates. I was out of my element, but we succeeded.

Burt encouraged me to apply for the superintendent’s position when he took a job in California. I had no intention of doing so and told him mid-management was more my speed. He pushed me, saying I would learn by the process even if I wasn’t offered the job. After numerous nudges, I applied and began a career path that changed my life. Burt, you were an influencer, mentor, and friend!


A donation of $250, ensures the legacy of your influencer will forever be a part of The Dot Experience. Honor your Influencer(s) anytime throughout 2024. Learn more about The Dot Experience and other ways you can support APH.

Please contact for any additional questions.

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