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Monarch Student Pilot Project Takes Flight

A student uses both hands to touch a tactile graphic of an apple displayed on the Monarch's multiline refreshable braille display.

Earlier this year, APH focused on training more than 200 teachers across the country on the Monarch. They, in turn, taught their students how to use this revolutionary new multiline braille device, and the feedback has been exceptional. Monarch backorders opened in May and sales have exceeded expectations, which means even more students will be using the Monarch in the fall. We are so excited to put these devices into the hands of students! Since we don’t want to wait for another year of funding from Congress, we recently rolled out the Monarch Student Pilot Project.

The Monarch Student Pilot Project will give more students across the U.S. access to a Monarch. We know the Monarch will level the educational playing field. This initiative will enable us to observe the educational impacts on student outcomes, helping us enhance the Monarch’s potential to empower students who are blind or low vision to lead their own education journeys.

“We are seeing firsthand, the excitement about the Monarch,” said Dr. Craig Meador, APH’s President. “We’re hearing about students who, for the first time, can choose their own tactile graphics for exploration. We believe that this device will help students become active learners as they can keep pace with instruction in math and science. Perhaps most important, they simply get to be a student instead of a student who needs special books and multiple products to participate in class.”

Providing greater access to the Monarch moves us one step closer to our goal of creating a world of inclusivity where everyone is welcome. Learn more about the Monarch Student Pilot Project and nominate students today. The deadline to submit a nomination is July 12, 2024.

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