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National Coding Symposium

Welcome to the APH National Coding Symposium and Day of Code, where innovation meets accessibility! The APH National Coding Symposium will return for its fourth year with even more opportunities to engage students and all levels of coders. We will have in-person regional events throughout the fall known as a “Day of Code” and will conclude with a virtual event in December to align with Computer Science Education Week.

  • This symposium collaborates with educational partners nationwide to showcase engaging coding activities that inspire and empower. Designed to ignite the passion for coding among students from elementary to college levels, our symposium cultivates future leaders in programming and software development.

    For educators, we provide invaluable ideas, resources, and support to effortlessly integrate coding concepts into their teaching curriculum. Accessible coding activities can be replicated before, after, or during our symposium by accessing our resources page. Get ready to embark on a journey where coding becomes not just a skill, but a gateway to boundless opportunities.

  • Students in grades K-College will benefit from attending the Symposium. Different programming codes and products will be discussed as well as career opportunities in programming and related careers.

    Teachers of students with visual impairments and assistive technology specialists who would like to integrate coding into their lesson plans and curricula will learn about activities, resources, tips, and pathways to overcoming inaccessible learning platforms and confusing coding lessons.  ACVREP credits will be available for the virtual event in December.

    Parents will discover information about how to support and encourage a child with an interest in coding.

  • Coding is fun, challenging, and accessible across platforms and skill levels. Join us for a dynamic blend of inspirational speakers, thought-provoking panel discussions, illuminating presentations, and hands-on demonstration sessions. You can read about last year’s coding symposium from a non-coding perspective in our blog, Accessible Coding: A Reflection From a Non-Techie.

    Registration will open in September. Stay tuned for updates on dates, locations, lineup of activities, speakers and more!

  • The goal of the Coding Symposium is to build connections between students, teachers, and professionals in computer science. To achieve this goal the Day of Code emerged. A Day of Code is an in-person regional event that gives students and teachers hands-on explorational learning opportunities.

    The “Day of Code” as part of the APH National Coding Symposium:

    When: Throughout the fall from 9/1/24  – 12/7/24
    Where: In-person locations around the U.S.
    Who: Students who are BVI (visually impaired) and various types of teachers (Gen Ed, ATS, TVIs, Coding clubs etc.)

    The focus of each Day of Code may have a unique aspect. Whether it’s exploring the intricacies of Monarch, delving into the capabilities of Quorum, navigating with Screen readers, or building a strong foundation in coding, each Day of Code will be fun and educational.

  • close up of two kids touching Code and Go Mouse on the track

    Mother and Father with their child working with the Code Jumper

    three kids working with the Geometro Kit

  • Contact APH Outreach at for more information.