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a hand touching one of many small plant seedlings Planting Seeds

Gardening is a great way to provide yourself and your family with nutritious foods and beautiful scenery.

This activity is pulled from our Virtual ExCEL Camps happening summer of 2020! While these activities are written to fit into the larger lesson plan of the camp themes, you can complete them with your little one at any time. Learn more about our Virtual ExCEL Summer Camp here!

Appropriate Age Range: Jr. High

Materials Needed: 

  • Soil
  • Pot
  • Seeds
  • Water


Research a crop (type of plant) that is local to your area. Get a small pot, seeds, and soil and plant the crop.

Step 1: Add soil in the bottom of your pot about ⅔ of the way full.

Step 2: Add seeds to the soil.

Step 3: Cover the seeds with an inch of soil.

Step 4: Water generously on the first day.

Step 5: Water with small amounts of water daily until you begin to see the magic happen.

For each different crop, you will need to research to see the amount of water that is needed and how much sun and shade it needs.


Now is the time for some responsibility. You will need to water and care for your plant while it grows. It will start as a tiny little seedling in a few days or weeks and will grow into a full plant in time. Take thought and care to keep it alive and make it thrive! Watching the progress can be amazing!




Heather Pichette-Spencer, Teacher of the Visually Impaired at Duval County Public Schools, FL

Jennifer Stelmach, Teacher of the Visually Impaired at Duval County Public Schools, FL and Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind

Susan Drake, Special education teacher and student in VI college program at Missouri State University

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