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Tactile Book Builder Kit: Equipping Educators to Meet a Multitude of Needs

A pair of hands cutting blue paper over a table containing parts from the Tactile and CVI Book Builder kits.

At APH, we strive to create products that assist both teachers and students with unique learning needs. The Tactile Book Builder Kit equips educators with a multitude of materials necessary in building tactile books that meet each student’s individual needs.

The wide selection of materials in the kit enables users to create a variety of custom-made books, including personalized storybooks, concept books, simple texture books, informational books, alphabet books, adaptations of print books, and more. An assortment of pre-cut pages helps with easy attachment of objects and presentation of collaged textures, shapes, raised line drawings, and multisensory elements. Braille paper, label material, and clear page protectors offer multiple ways to add braille and print text. All pages fit into sturdy plastic binders with re-closeable safety loops. Binders feature an open-view front to allow users to create and insert their own tactile cover art.

The Tactile Book Builder Kit can be used to address many different topics, such as:

  • Learning through touch
  • Designing tactile, multisensory, interactive illustrations to represent features tactual learners find significant
  • Principles of good tactile design
  • Specific design guidelines for various types of tactile illustrations and suggested sequence of difficulty
  • Fine motor, exploratory, and cognitive skills needed to examine and interpret tactile illustrations
  • Photos and descriptions of exemplary tactile books
  • Lists of craft items and materials for use in tactile books
  • Numerous “story-starter” ideas for books across a range of ages and abilities

The Tactile Book Builder Kit can be paired with other APH products, such as: the Classroom Calendar Kit Day Numbers, Picture Maker Textured Shapes, and Picture Maker Geometric Textured Shapes. When used together, the books for the students become even better! “The Tactile Book Builder Kit really allows the TVI, parent, or even the student to create accessible picture books,” says Lauralyn Randles, Product Manager at APH. “You can do this with a mainstream story as the reference or something completely new and original to you.” Included in the kit are all of the materials necessary to make a book tactile. “There is also a sound page that can be added to the story,” Lauralyn adds. Explaining just what the kit can accomplish “This is a cute way to add in an auditory component.”

Allowing educators to create books for students with varying levels of vision, the kit includes ways to make books designed for students with low vision, as well as books better suited for students who are completely blind. The adaptability of the kit is what makes it a staple for all classrooms. Customizable books allow students to move toward braille literacy in a way that was created just for them. Whether it’s starting to read and follow a storyline in braille or beginning to work on acquiring the skills necessary to start learning braille, students will be able to use the Tactile Book Builder Kit to begin moving forward on the path of literacy.

Learn more about the Tactile Book Builder Kit on our website today!

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