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Animal Recipes: Farm Set

Build and learn about the salient features of barnyard animals with Animal Recipes.


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Catalog Number: 1-03201-00

Product Description

Designed for elementary students who have low vision and CVI, Animal Recipes is the first in a series of products that help students understand the salient features of animals as they build a cow, sheep, horse, goat, pig, goose, and rooster. Salient features are the key “ingredients” that make things unique (i.e.: How do you tell a pig from a cow?). This kit includes a realistic, full-body corresponding plastic toy, translucent 3D puzzle pieces to create animals’ faces, print and tactile overlays that represent the animals’ bodies, and a label for the name of each animal in print and braille. While building the animals, students will learn how images represent real objects, how “pieces” of objects come together to make an entire image, and how to identify animals from one another. For added learning, make the animals on top of the LED Light Box or LED Mini-Lite Box.

    • Helps students transfer from concrete to abstract
    • Teaches salient features of animals
    • Develops comparative skills
    • Supports multiple learning styles
    • Progresses sequentially from general to specific details
    • Integrates naturally with thematic units in the classroom
    • Promotes shared learning between students who are with and without vision
    • Plastic animals manipulatives: cow, sheep, horse, goat, pig, goose, and rooster
    • Translucent 3D puzzle pieces
    • Print and tactile overlays
    • Set of tactile profiles
    • 1 black and 1 white polyblend mat
    • Braille label sheet
    • Print guidebook
    • Braille guidebook (available as a downloadable brf from the APH website)
  • Here’s what our field testers had to say about Animal Recipes:

    • “This product was especially helpful for my students with NLP who have not been able to see what these animals look like. The tactile overlays were also great with these students because it helps to introduce tactile graphics at a young age in a fun way.”
    • “Enjoyed. Student was able to identify animal after first use.”
    • “The entire class found the manipulatives helpful.”
    • “This was great for talking about salient features on light box.”
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    Dimensions: 28 × 21.5 × 5.25 in

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