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Astro Adventure Balls App

Astro Adventure Balls app is a free app for iPad and Android tablets that offers an engaging and interactive experience to assess and enhance visual, auditory, and cognitive skills through the journey of three lively talking ball characters in visually captivating environments.

Download the Astro Adventure Balls app for FREE from the Apple App Store.

Download the Astro Adventure Balls app for FREE from the Google Play Store.

Catalog Number: D-00410-AP


Product Description

Discover the magic of Astro Adventure Balls app —an app that makes learning a captivating and multi-sensory adventure for young minds. The Astro Adventure Balls app is a specially crafted tool for early childhood development, particularly designed for low vision. This engaging app is tailored to assess and enhance visual, auditory, and cognitive skills in a fun and interactive way.

Embark on a journey with our three lively talking ball characters: Whirl, Swirl, and Twirl. Watch as each ball starts as a one-color marvel in their unique environments—Whirl in a toy chest, Swirl at the ballpark, and Twirl in the vastness of outer space. Immerse yourself in these environments with visually captivating assets like a toy car, baseball cap, and rocket ship.

Download now and set your child on a path of discovery and skill development!

    • While playing the app, children identify the balls when presented in three scenarios, each having three sequentially more complex presentations as the balls and scenario assets increase from one-color, to two-colors, to three-colors.
    • The three-color scenarios include music to build on multi-sensory processing.
    • In addition to being a fun tool for entertainment, professional reviewers identified skills which they think the app will help assess including reaching, eye-hand coordination, accurate touch, visual perception, and listening.
  • Here’s what our field testers had to say about the Astro Adventure Balls app:

    • Other students with mild intellectual disabilities as well as the vision impairment enjoyed using the game while working on their scanning skills to find the ball and the game like quality made it fun and rewarding for them with the positive commentary.
    • It is amazing to have an option that directly targets the skills this app addresses.
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