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Braille Literacy: A Functional Approach

Presenting a straightforward, step-by-step approach to teaching the reading and writing of braille to both children and adults, this clearly written guide uses a functional approach based on concepts and vocabulary with meaning and utility to the reader.

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Catalog Number: F-B0025-00

Authors: Diane P. Wormsley, Frances Mary D'Andrea

ISBN: 978-0-89128-876-3

Product Description

Teachers of students challenged by learning braille through traditional methods–perhaps because of additional physical or cognitive disabilities, the inability to speak English well, or difficulty in making the transition from print to braille–will welcome this innovative and practical resource.

Key areas covered include creating braille-rich environments, selecting and teaching key words, teaching tactile perception skills, encouraging writing skills, creating stories, keeping records, and more. A separate section suggests ways to reach special groups, such as learners with mild to moderate cognitive impairments, severe to profound cognitive impairments, and multiple physical and cognitive impairments. This essential text is enhanced by photos that bring the program to life and sample forms that help you put it into action.


  • Braille Literacy: A Functional Approach


    Introduction: Braille, Reading, Literacy, and At-Risk Learners

    Part 1: Creating an Individualized Functional Braille Literacy Program

    Part 2: Using the Functional Braille Literacy Approach with Different Kinds of Learners




    About the Author

    Narrative Descriptions

  • Product Type: Braille Learning, Reading and Writing

    Authors/Editors: Diane P. Wormsley, Frances Mary D'Andrea

    Publication Date: 2004

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