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Bright Line Reading Guide: Pink (2-pack)

Make the task of reading less taxing and more enjoyable with the Bright Line Reading Guide.


Federal Quota Eligible

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Catalog Number: 1-03061-00

Product Description

The Bright Line Reading Guide can be placed over text to highlight, eliminate glare, and promote maximum contrast. The Bright Line Reading Guide provides a black reference line that helps the reader keep his/her place on the page. The Guide can be cut to any size and 3-hole punched for placement in a binder.

  • Weight: 0.115 lbs

    Dimensions: 9.55 × 13.65 × 0.55 in

    Product Type: Reading and Writing

    Federal Quota Funds: Available

    • 10 inches long
    • Includes 2-pack of pink Guides placed in a vinyl protective pouch
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