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Feel n’ Peel Sheets, Carousel of Textures

These colorful, tactile sheets provide a simple way to create graphs and adapt games and art projects.


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FQ Eligible

These Feel ‘N Peel sheets offer an assortment of sheets in a variety of textures and colors that can be used in numerous ways. See Features for more details.

The textured sheets included in Carousel of Textures are not intended for thermoforming purposes.

If cut, small pieces of paper can be a choking hazard for children 5 and under.

    • Adapt games, puzzles, or storybooks.
    • Make textured worksheets, bar graphs, pie charts for math, science, or social studies classes
    • Construct texture and color matching cards and shapes
    • Use as fill patterns in collage tactile graphic displays and maps
    • Use for classroom art activities
    • Construct tactile shapes, numbers, or letters
    • Label/mark personal belongings
    • Make tactile stickers of various shapes
    • Use as tactile marking mats for coloring activities
    • Translucent rough vinyl sheets (non-adhesive backed) in blue, red, green, yellow, clear
    • Translucent bumpy vinyl sheets (non-adhesive backed) in blue, red, green, yellow, clear
    • Corrugated sheets (non-adhesive backed) in red, blue, purple, dark green, light green, orange, yellow, and pink
    • Craft foam sheets (adhesive backed) in red, white, black, yellow, green, and blue
    • Foam glitter sheets (non-adhesive backed) in gold and silver
    • Velour sheets (adhesive backed) in green, blue, white, black, and red
    • Vivelle® sheets (adhesive backed) in gray, lilac, blue, green, yellow, brown, orange, pink, and red
    • Double-backed adhesive sheets (apply to back of non-adhesive backed sheets)
    • 1 package of Sticky Dots™ adhesive
    • Storage/carrying box
    • Suggested uses sheet, large print
    • Suggested uses sheet, braille
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    Weight: 3.355 lbs

    Dimensions: 12.7 × 15.05 × 3 in

    Educational Games / Toys / Equipment: Tactile

    Federal Quota Funds: Available

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