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Clothing Management Assessment Manual, Functional Skills Assessment, Print

The Functional Skills Assessment or FSA is a tool for evaluating daily living skills for students in primary grades up to post-secondary transition programs.


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Product Description

The Functional Skills Assessment (FSA) is a tool for evaluating daily living skills for students in primary grades, middle school, secondary school, and those preparing for or enrolled in post-secondary transition programs. The FSA is divided into four modules that cover a number of skills.

Each assessment covers four levels: Beginning (K-4), Middle (5-8), Secondary (9-12), and Transition.

Each module has a corresponding teacher’s guide and set of scoring forms. All modules can be customized for use with students who have multiple disabilities. Individual manuals and corresponding scoring books are sold separately.

Below is a sample of the daily living skills included in this assessment:

  • Clothing storage
  • Laundering
  • Sewing

Online scoring pages are available at our Functional Skills Assessment website. Users can unlock the forms using a code published inside the manuals.

Learn more about this product with the Evaluating Independent Living Skills Using the Functional Skills Assessment course on the APH Hive!

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