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Crossings with No Traffic Control

Through logical, sequenced teaching approaches, independent travelers who are visually impaired will learn to analyze and navigate uncontrolled street crossings.


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Catalog Number: 1-18988-00

Product Description

Crossings With No Traffic Control software provides simulation experiences and information that help instructors teach students to analyze situations at street crossings where there is no traffic control, including recognizing when they don’t have enough warning of approaching vehicles (“”Situations of Uncertainty””).

Instructors will take an active role in their students’ learning, providing direct supervision and dynamic engagement. The product includes additional hardware to aid in this effort. Student content is narrated throughout the software; instructor content is not read aloud.

This software contains a self-updating feature that activates automatically once connected to the internet.

Note: This software runs only on Microsoft Windows compatible operating systems and devices.

Important Liability Notice: The American Printing House for the Blind, and author Dona Sauerburger, COMS, offer orientation and mobility specialists with this product to help students learn the concepts and skills necessary to analyze and negotiate crossings that have no traffic control. Before using this product with students, instructors must read the first section in Chapter One: “How to Use this Product”.

Learn more about this product with the Street Crossings with No Traffic Control course on the APH Hive!

    • Topics Addressed Include:
    • Essential Concepts
    • Recognizing Situations of Uncertainty (auditory modules)
    • Recognizing Situations of Uncertainty (visual modules)
    • What to Do in a Situation of Uncertainty
    • Let's Take This Show on the Road: Teaching Students to Apply Skills in Real-Life Settings
    • Flash drive containing software
    • Y-Splitter
    • Two sets of headphones
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    Dimensions: 10.3 × 13.6 × 1.55 in

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