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DC Supplement Adapter

This new and exciting adapter is battery powered and enables users to activate and control other DC-powered devices using the APH Select Switch.


Federal Quota Eligible

Catalog Number: 1-08618-00


Product Description

Locating a wall outlet to operate APH’s switch-adapted Vibrating Pad and switch-adapted Fan is a thing of the past. The DC Supplement Adapter is a battery-powered, dual-polarity output unit that allows users to operate DC-powered devices with APH’s Select Switch (battery-powered control unit) and with APH’s standard switches. Designed specifically for APH’s Vibrating Pad and Fan to be used with the Select Switch, the in-line switch in the cord allows the user to toggle between two output voltage polarities to accommodate many other switch-adapted toys and devices. The device has one receptacle to accept a switch plug.

Watch this short DC Supplement Adapter video (YouTube).