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ECC Essentials: Teaching the Expanded Core Curriculum to Students with Visual Impairments

ECC Essentials is the first comprehensive book for teachers of students with visual impairments to focus on the nine areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) that encompass the unique skills children and adolescents with visual impairments need to learn in order to access the core educational curriculum and become independent individuals, by providing the rationale, suggestions, and strategies necessary to implement instruction.




Catalog Number: F-B0006-EPUB


Catalog Number: F-B0006-00

Catalog Number: F-B0006

Publishers: APH Press

Authors: Carol B. Allman, Sandra Lewis, Susan J. Spungin

ISBN: 978-0-89128-498-7

Format: Print, EPUB

Product Description

The nine areas of the ECC include compensatory access, sensory efficiency, assistive technology, orientation and mobility, independent living, social interaction, recreation and leisure, career education, and self-determination.

ECC Essentials helps teachers manage time efficiently and effectively; work with students of different ages and ability levels; collaborate with parents and other members of the educational team; conduct assessments; align instruction with state standards and the general education core curriculum; and maximize planning effectiveness. The book includes learning activities that combine several areas of the ECC; information about additional resources; specific guidelines and strategies for teaching each of the nine areas of the ECC. ECC Essentials provides teachers with a road map for helping their students achieve success in school and in life.

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    Publishers: APH Press

    Authors/Editors: Carol B. Allman, Sandra Lewis, Susan J. Spungin

    Media: Book

    Format: Print, EPUB

    Language: English

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    • The Importance of the Expanded Core Curriculum
    • Learning, Development and Children with Visual Impairments: The Evolution of Skills 
    •  A Strong Foundation: The Importance of the Expanded Core Curriculum 
    •  Instruction and Assessment: General Principles and StrategiesThe Skills of the Expanded Core Curriculum: Let's Get Specific
    •  Compensatory Access 
    •  Sensory Efficiency 
    • Assistive Technology 
    •  Orientation and Mobility 
    •  Independent Living 
    •  Social Interaction
    • Recreation and Leisure
    • Career Education
    • Self-DeterminationSupporting the Expanded Core Curriculum
    • Teaching the Expanded Core Curriculum in General Education Settings
    • Aligning the Expanded Core Curriculum with State Standards
    • Integrating the Expanded Core Curriculum at Home and in the Community
    • General Resources 
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