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Gain knowledge about an individual’s functional vision and needs for adapted media by proctoring this assessment.


Federal Quota Eligible

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Catalog Number: 7-96151-00

Product Description

FVLMA provides a framework for the systematic assessment of a student’s visual functioning and needs for adapted educational media. FVLMA has been peer reviewed by experts in the field of blindness, and field tested by teachers and students.

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    Dimensions: 14.55 × 12.55 × 3.3 in

    Federal Quota Funds: Available

    • Grades P to 12
    • Practitioner’s guidebook
    • An expanded core curriculum yearly screening form
    • An expanded core curriculum screening record
    • If/then chart
    • Resource list
    • Protocols: Learning media assessment, Functional vision and learning media interviews and observations, Functional vision assessment, Functional vision and learning assessment media report
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