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Geometro GS10 Cylinder and Cone

Geometro materials provide hands-on experiences with manipulatives that aid in teaching 3-D geometry.


Federal Quota Eligible

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Catalog Number: 1-03030-00

Product Description

These materials provide hands-on experience with manipulatives that aid in teaching 3-D geometry. Can be used on its own. Geometro: GS10 Cylinder and Cone provides students with flat plastic shapes (six circles, two rectangles, and two circle sectors) that can be readily joined to form two cylinders and two cones. Each have the same base, but different heights.

The pieces use hook & loop material to adhere to each other and are easy to handle, sturdy, and safe. Even the youngest learners quickly master them. For more information about Geometro.

Kit Includes:
6 circles
2 rectangles
2 circle sectors
Storage container

  • Weight: 2.355 lbs

    Dimensions: 15.2 × 11.5 × 6.75 in

    Federal Quota Funds: Available

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