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Health Education for Students With Visual Impairments: A Guidebook for Teachers

This Guidebook is NOT a curriculum; rather, it provides ways to make specific aspects of health education accessible to students with visual impairments.


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Product Description

Every student should have access to a quality and comprehensive health education. APH developed this Guidebook specifically as a supplement for teachers who provide instruction to students with visual impairments, ages 5 through 21.

Note: This guidebook is intended for teachers only. APH does not recommend that any student read this guidebook or view the accompanying videos.

For more background, read our blog post introducing Health Education for Students With Visual Impairments.

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Here’s what our field testers had to say:
“Lots of great information and tools; teachers should be able to find something useful and appropriate for any student, any age, any modification.”

“This resource was very well made and presented. It is up to each school and teacher to determine what/when/how this manual’s material is appropriate.”

Learn more about this product with the Health is Meaningful Living: A Focus on Sex Education course on the APH Hive!

    • Includes chapters on the following topics:
    • Diet and Nutrition
    • Personal Health
    • Sex Education
    • Communicable and Noncommunicable Diseases and Disease Prevention
    • Injury Prevention and Safety
    • Reflects the National Health Education Standards and the National Sexuality Education Standards
    • Supports many areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum
    • Designed to support particular needs that arise within existing health education curricula when teaching students with visual impairments in a school or a specific course or program
    • Guidebook and accompanying videos assist teachers in providing meaningful experiences in health education instruction within the realm of their particular school curriculum
    • Print Health Education Guidebook in custom binder
    • Set of seven full-page tabbed dividers
    • 8GB Flash drive
    • Flash drive Contents: BRF of the guidebook
    • Flash drive Contents: HTML of the guidebook that has links to the 20 videos referenced in the Sex Ed chapter (3)
    • (1) 3-hole-punched Ziploc Pouch
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