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Impressor: Braille Business Card Embosser, Revised

Revise the information on your Impressor Braille Business Card Embosser (1-03380-00).

Product SKU: 1-03380-01


Tags: accessibility, braille, brailled, business, cards, career, daily, education, embossers, embossing, employment, impressor, living, organization, organizational, products, professionals, revision, stamps, tools, transition, writing

Revising Your Impressor:
The Impressor: Braille Business Card Embosser (1-03380-00) allows you to create your own braille business cards. Should the information on your business card change, we can easily revise your Impressor.

Note: Not available with Quota funds.

Note: This product requires special handling. It cannot be directly ordered online. Please call us at 1-800-223-1839 to initiate an order. Then mail us a copy of your business card. We will then call you to confirm your information as it appears in braille.

Impressor Revision: $119.00