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Interactive US Map with Tactile Pen

Explore and listen to information about the 50 states with the Interactive U.S. Map and Talking Tactile Pen.


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The talking tactile pen serves as a “tour guide” that gives the user information about each location visited on the map via multiple layers of audio recordings. The reader can “drill down” layer by layer via consecutive pen taps to learn about each state.

Menu items along the lower portion of the map allow the reader to request help, increase/decrease speech rate and volume, repeat last spoken word or phrase, lock the pen on a chosen layer for all states, or interrupt speech.

Pen Layers:
L1: State name
L2: State abbreviation
L3: State capital
L4: Ten largest cities
L5: Surroundings (land & water)
L6: Land area, water area, state water percentage
L7: Highest point (elevation)
L8: Major rivers
L9: Population estimate
L10: Statehood
L11: State nickname
L12: State symbols (bird, flower, tree, and song title)
L13: State motto
L14: Famous people
L15: Points of interest
L16: Interesting facts
L17: Spelling of state name