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JAWS – Zoom Text-Fusion Suite (Freedom Scientific Software Suite)

The JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion suite offers three programs, providing low vision customers the opportunity to use both text-to-speech and magnification software on their computers.

Note: This cannot be directly ordered on the APH website.

Federal Quota Eligible

Catalog Number: D-11001-ED

Product Description

Freedom Scientific, a Vispero brand, and APH have partnered to make three access programs for Windows® computers available to all customers, including students K-12, using Federal Quota funds. Customers may choose to install any combination of these programs:

  • JAWS® (Job Access With Speech): The world’s most popular screen reader software with optional braille output.
  • ZoomText® Magnifier/Reader: Enlarges and enhances computer screen, echoes typing and program activity, and reads documents, web pages, and email.
  • Fusion Home: Combines ZoomText® for magnification and JAWS® for screen reading functionality.

Customers with existing subscriptions to the previous JAWS and MAGic® Student Edition may add ZoomText® or Fusion to their subscription at no additional charge! After installing the software, use your existing subscription information to enable the software.

Visit the Freedom Scientific website to download ZoomText® or Fusion.

Cost: $300 for each license.

Purchasing Instructions for Using Quota Funds:

EOT’s must email APH to purchase one or more software suites. APH will email you a Serial Number and Authorization Code for each suite subscription. You will receive a hard copy confirmation of each Serial Number and Authorization Code printed on the invoice that APH mails to you. EOTs are responsible for distributing the Serial Numbers and Authorization Codes to those teachers who have ordered these subscriptions on Quota. EOTs can order annual renewals when needed by each student.

Installation: The email you receive will contain links to the Vispero website which will allow you to download any combination of the three applications. Licenses may be purchased any time during the year, and multiple licenses may be purchased on a single Quota order.

Licensing Terms

  • 12-month period begins from the date of the first device authorization.
  • Subscription includes three authorizations and resets on request.
  • A countdown in the software lets the user know the days remaining in the annual subscription.
  • A new serial number will be issued for each yearly subscription and each serial number will have a one-year life from the date the first key is installed on a device. Three keys will be available to each student so they can install software on multiple computers.
  • Subscriptions are registered in the student’s name each year, and the subscription travels with the student if he or she changes schools.

After four years of annual subscriptions registered to the student:

  • Full Home Edition License for the applications the student has chosen will be issued free of charge to student
  • No cost for the Home Edition
  • Technical support directly from Freedom Scientific included
  • Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA) included to cover the student for the remainder of their K-12 education
  • Four years of subscriptions do not need to be contiguous for the student to qualify for the Home Edition License.
  • If students wish to continue using the software if they leave school before the four-year subscription ends, they are required to purchase the remainder of the license.
  • After grade 12, the student can contact Freedom Scientific to enter the SMA program for their existing license; the cost for the Home Edition SMA is $120 for two years. This software is not available through the federal quota and must be purchased with non-Quota funds.

JAWS – ZoomText® – Fusion Suite Subscription After Grade 12

Students may transition to the Home Edition Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA) AFTER purchasing four years of JAWS – ZoomText® – Fusion Suite subscriptions at $300 per year. After four years of Student subscriptions, the student license will turn into fully-licensed JAWS, ZoomText® Magnifier/Reader, ZoomText®, or Fusion Home. If a student is in the latter part of their elementary school work, they may continue to purchase JAWS – ZoomText® – Fusion Suite subscriptions even after graduating from grade 12, as long as the subscription is started while the student is working at grade 12 or under.

Example of Transitioning a Subscription after Grade 12

The first year of a JAWS – ZoomText® – Fusion Suite subscription is purchased for a student in grade 12 for $300 (the first year can be purchased either using Quota funds or non-Quota funds). When the student graduates from high school, the second year of the four-year subscription MUST be purchased for the student for $300, but ONLY with non-Quota funds.

Learn more about this product with the Getting Started with ZoomText course on the APH Hive!

    • Software can be installed on all versions of Windows® 10 and Windows 11.
    • Any combination of the three applications, plus the combination ZoomText® Fusion Home
    • Access to the latest versions with updates
    • Up to three installations on computers with additional resets available at no charge
    • Tandem function for remote help by teachers or support staff
    • Vispero phone support, training materials, and webinars
  • Product Type: Assistive

    Federal Quota Funds: Available

  • Contact Customer Service to discuss your warranty options.