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Life Science Tactile Graphics

A collection of vacuum-formed, full-color raised-line tactile graphics intended to supplement the figures and diagrams in science textbooks.


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Catalog Number: 1-08840-00

Product Description

A collection of vacuum-formed, full-color raised-line tactile graphics intended to supplement the figures and diagrams in life science textbooks.

Life Science Tactile Graphics depict organisms, processes, concepts, and patterns which are typically covered in middle-and high school life science courses.

About the Tactile Graphics
The drawings in Life Science Tactile Graphics employ several types of lines and textures, as well as different heights.
Braille labels are provided on the drawings, but you may easily add to or change the labels by creating self-adhesive braille labels of your own.

Teaching Suggestions
Instructional hints and suggestions are given for each tactile drawing. The goal of the suggestions is to help make science learning real for students who are not using standard printed images.

These graphics help demonstrate concepts in science just as print images do, but to be effective, they depend on a foundation of tactile reading skills, students’ hands-on experiences, and verbal description you provide.


  • 56 full-color tactile diagrams on durable vacuum-formed plastic
  • Teacher’s Guide in large print
  • Sturdy three-ring storage binder


Note: Braille labels conform to English Braille American Edition (EBAE) rules.

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