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Moving Ahead: Goin’ on a Bear Hunt, Print-Braille Book with Large Print Reader’s Guide

Goin’ on a Bear Hunt is the first book in the Moving Ahead series.


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Catalog Number: 6-77903-00

Format: Braille


Product Description

This print/braille storybook series helps bridge the gap to abstract tactile graphics.

Moving Ahead: Tactile Graphic Storybooks are designed to be the next step for preschool and kindergarten students who have had some experience with simple tactile representations, such as those in APH’s On the Way to Literacy series.

While On the Way to Literacy storybooks use real objects, molded images, and simple raised outlines, Moving Ahead storybooks introduce symbolic representation, more complex illustrations, and an increased emphasis on text by combining tactile pictures, print/braille text, and a fun story. Each read-aloud book invites the child to have fun while listening to the story and exploring its tactile pictures and print-braille text.

With Moving Ahead, students will:

  • Explore tactile illustrations with varying levels of detail
  • Track varying types of lines and intersecting lines
  • Encounter tactile symbols, simple keys, and maps
  • Discover braille words embedded in the graphics and locate the same word in the text
  • Increase comprehension by using the fold-out map/storyboard to retell the story and create their own tactile displays

Each storybook includes a Large Print Reader’s Guide (braille edition sold separately) that contains general information, tips on using the storybook, and additional resources. Also included are braille words on customer-applied labels, allowing the reader to choose contracted or uncontracted braille.

Goin’ on a Bear Hunt:
This is the first title in the series. Bear Hunt is based on the popular children’s chant story. In the process of hunting for the bear, the reader follows a tactile line through the tall grass, up a hill, across a bridge, around a pond, through the woods, into the pit, into the cave, and then back home again. At the end of the book is a fold-out tactile map, that displays all the places from home to the bear’s cave, to use in retelling the story.

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    Dimensions: 12.2 × 11.2 × 1.3 in

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    Language: English

    Format: Braille

    Media: Book

    Grade: Pre-K to 3rd

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