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On the Way to Literacy: The Caterpillar

Join a curious caterpillar as he goes on a backyard adventure to find out what he will soon become.

Includes sliding caterpillar, detachable butterfly finger puppet, and collaged textured objects.


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Catalog Number: 6-77510-02

Format: Braille


Product Description

The Caterpillar is a fun and engaging book that can be enjoyed by people with or without visual impairment. This read-aloud tactile storybook with large print/braille text (contracted UEB) is designed to assist young children in developing key literacy skills such as listening comprehension, phonological awareness, oral language, and object/ shape recognition. Right away, you are introduced to a fuzzy caterpillar who lives in the narrator’s back yard. Whether it is a brick wall, a fence, or a foot, the caterpillar finds himself crawling over various tactile surfaces throughout the course of this book. As the story concludes, the caterpillar is shown what he will soon become, a beautiful butterfly which can be detached and reattached to the last page.

Initially produced in 1993, The Caterpillar now contains a completely rewritten text with exciting tactile illustrations containing textures and objects rather than the raised line drawings used in the original book. In addition, the new text has received colorful and enhanced visual illustrations, an updated illustrated cover, and a binding instead of a ring binder.

    • The Caterpillar will assist in developing key literacy skills: listening comprehension, phonological awareness, oral language, and object/shape recognition.
    • Colorful visual illustrations and tactile illustrations with textures and objects make this book exciting for readers with visual impairments as well as readers with typical vision.
    • Detachable butterfly finger puppet
    • Sliding caterpillar
    • Collaged textured shapes and objects related to the story
  • Weight: 1 lbs

    Dimensions: 9.75 × 9 in

    Federal Quota Funds: Available

    Language: English

    Format: Braille

    Media: Book

    Age: 2-5 years

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