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Tactile Graphic Line Slate

This one-of-a-kind slate helps you create raised lines for tactile graphics onto various media (braille paper, vinyl, foil, and drawing film).


Federal Quota Eligible

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Catalog Number: 1-00100-00

Product Description

The Tactile Graphic Line Slate and specially designed two-ended stylus accommodate the tooling of common tactile line types for creation of tactile graphic displays by transcribers, teachers, and students. Use this lightweight slate to embellish tactile maps, graphs, charts, number lines, etc., with the following line types:

  • Large dotted line
  • Small dotted line
  • Wide solid line
  • Dashed line
  • Thin solid line
  • Vertical bar line

Combinations of the available lines also generate unique, discernible line paths (e.g., dot-dash-dot). The pointed end of the stylus is used to tool the small dotted line, dashed line, thin solid line, and vertical bar line; the rounded end of the stylus is ideal for tooling the wide solid line and large dotted line.

The Tactile Graphic Line Slate mimics the design and function of a typical braille slate, making its use intuitive and user-friendly. Its blue-tinted transparent plastic allows both visual contrast against the drawing surface/paper and positioning of lines in relation to surrounding tactile elements on the page.

The accompanying Instruction Booklet provides tips and techniques for using the Tactile Graphic Line Slate with various types of drawing media (braille paper, vinyl, heavy-gauge foil, and drawing film).

Measures: 12 x 2 1/2 inches.

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    • Field Evaluator Comments about the Tactile Graphic Line Slate:"This is a wonderful tool! It’s very easy to use and made it a pleasure to produce graphics. It was a very useful tool for diagrams from preschool to high school. It really helped out with producing graphics and making it an easier task. I have SO enjoyed the Tactile Graphic Line Slate. It was an absolute godsend on SO many forms, charts, graphs, math sheets, science drawings… the list goes on and on. Big improvement over a regular slate because it gives you so many more options to use and produce graphics better and easier. Familiar shape and style of use, to regular stylus and slate made me feel comfortable quickly."
    • Includes:
    • Tactile Graphic Line Slate
    • Two-ended Stylus
    • Storage Pocket (for both slate and stylus)
    • Instruction Booklet in Large Print and in Braille
  • Weight: 0.879 lbs

    Dimensions: 13.35 × 16.05 × 1.35 in

    Product Type: Tactile Learning

    Federal Quota Funds: Available

    Age: 10 years and up

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