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Tactile Treasures Kit, Tactile-Color Edition

Use the Tactile Treasures Kit to teach basic math and language concepts by feeling pictures of real objects on thermoform paper.


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Tactile Treasures consists of 79 thermoformed sheets featuring tactile pictures created from real objects that illustrate math and language concepts. The types of thermoformed objects include pretzels, buttons, rings, zippers, scissors, and shells. In most cases, a concept is presented twice on a single tactile page that is divided by a raised bar, but occasionally an entire page is used to convey a concept.

A Teacher’s Guidebook provides two scripts or stories for every concept introduced. The tactile pages are versatile and can be used to introduce related concepts other than those presented in the scripts. This product can also be adapted for a child with low vision by outlining the thermoformed objects with a permanent marker.