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TactileDoodle Kit


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Catalog Number: 1-08824-00


Use TactileDoodle and quickly generate tactile, raised-line graphics to convey a variety of concepts or art within the classroom or at home, including:

  • demonstrate a variety of concepts related to science, math, geography, etc.
  • illustrate spatial concepts and simple maps.
  • practice handwriting skills.
  • play interactive games (e.g. tic-tac-toe).
  • complete more open-ended, artistic drawing activities.
  • practice tracing skills (e.g. tracing within a stencil or around a 3D object).
  • provide tactile illustrations during teachable moments.

To see how TactileDoodle differs from Draftsman, please read below.

Frame Design
DRAFTSMAN: Rectangular frame with gutters for add-on/sliding tactile ruler
TactileDoodle: Streamlined/modern appearance with curved frame and resting area for hand

Visual appearance of drawn tactile lines
DRAFTSMAN: Drawn tactile images appear white (or blushed) against a beige padded surface
TactileDoodle: Drawn tactile images appear white against a black background/padded surface for enhanced visual contrast (or chalkboard appearance)

Drawing stylus
DRAFTSMAN: Complemented by a two-ended stylus to generate two different line types
TactileDoodle: Complemented by a short, single-tip drawing stylus (ideal for use by younger students)

Hinge design
DRAFTSMAN: Locking hinges or “wings” for securing drawing film on drawing surface
TactileDoodle: Standard clip-board style clamps (same as used for APH’s ReadWrite stands) for securing drawing film on padded surface

Selling price
DRAFTSMAN: $229.00 (available with Quota funds)
TactileDoodle: $109.00 (available with Quota funds)

    • Sturdy drawing platform with a non-skid underside
    • Use accompanying stylus, or ballpoint pen, to draw contrasting white lines against a black pad
    • TactileDoodle board
    • One 25-sheet package of Tactile Drawing Film (Catalog No. 1-08858-00)
    • A single-tip drawing stylus
    • Instruction Booklet (print and braille)
  • Additional information

    Weight: 1 lbs

    Format: Non-Book

    Media: Non-book

    Language: English

    Federal Quota Funds: Available

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