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The Art and Science of Teaching Orientation and Mobility to Persons with Visual Impairments

The second edition of The Art and Science of Teaching Orientation and details orientation and mobility techniques and explains how to provide effective instruction in one complete manual for the beginning O&M instructor that is a reference for the experienced practitioner as well.

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Catalog Number: F-B0001-00

Product Description

Provides step-by-step presentation of each O&M technique and describes in detail how to individualize and teach each one.

Outlines the scope and sequence of a complete O&M curriculum, and offers a guiding philosophy as well as principles and strategies for effective teaching. Includes a new chapter on assessment with essential assessment checklists for children and adults.-Provides more extensive content on today’s O&M instructional issues, such as street crossings and the current, more challenging traffic environment.

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    • Table of Contents:
    • Guidelines for Instruction
    • Teaching Orientation and Mobility
    • Assessment: O&M Skills and Concepts
    • Essential Indoor O&M Skills
    • Basic Techniques for Guiding a Person with a Visual Impairment
    • Self-Protection Techniques: Moving Through the Environment Independently
    • Basic Long Cane and Self-Familiarization Skills
    • Advanced Indoor Orientation and Mobility Skills
    • Outdoor Skills and Refinements
    • Basic Outdoor Orientation and Mobility Skills
    • Intermediate Outdoor Orientation and Mobility Skills
    • Advanced Outdoor Orientation and Mobility Skills
    • Additional Considerations for the Instructor
    • Special Situations and Conditions and Mobility Devices
    • Creative Approaches
    • Professional Issues
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