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  • Learn a few tips and tricks to help you find the products and information you are searching for.

    Tip 1: Start with a catalog number
    If you are searching for a particular product on our shop start with the product catalog number. All shop products are associated to a catalog number and can be found quickly by searching with that number.

    If you are wondering where to find a product catalog number you can download or order any of our product catalogs ( each containing product catalog numbers for the products you are trying to find at no charge to you. Also, you can download the catalog to your personal device or print the catalog for your future off-line reference.

    Note: Because we add new products, update products and discontinue products our print catalog and website will not always reflect the same exact products. We update our catalog annually and our website as products change. Please be aware that some products do not appear on our website.

    For a list of discontinued products please reference the area labeled MyResources in your APH Federal Quota online account at .

    For help searching for replacement and consumable parts by part number, see Tip 4 and you will be able to find the APH Parts Catalog here .

    Tip 2: Search using product titles
    If you are searching for a specific product on the APH web shop and you do not have a product catalog number, then use a product title. All products have a title which can be found as the leading text on every product page.

    Our product catalogs are a good place to find product titles. Even though the product titles on the web site do not always match our product titles in the catalog it will be helpful to use an iteration of the product title to use in the search. See below for examples.

    Without a catalog or if you need to search quickly try to provide a product’s title and so long as you are able to provide enough keywords from a products title your ability to return the product you are searching for will be greater. Title accuracy produces the best results.

    Some examples include:

    • Mini-Lite box vs Mini Light (check for dashes) – Mini-Lite box is the correct product title
    • TactileDoodle vs Tactile Doodle (check for spaces between two words) – TactileDoodle is the correct product title
    • Building on Patterns First Grade vs BOP 1st grade (check for words that may be abbreviated) – Building on Patterns is the correct product title
    • Video Mag HD versus HD (Use as much of the title as possible as using two letters “HD” will not produce the Video Mag HD) – Video Mag HD is the correct product title

    Tip 3: Search using topics
    If you are not searching for a product but instead are searching for information on consider searching for topics such as; accessibility, education, fitness, etc. as a few examples. Topics are abstract and can only be found if it exists within the content of a page on APH.

    The header and footer navigation is another great way to search our site. Our header navigation takes you to static content within our site about our organization, while our footer contains pertinent as well as dynamic information such as Articles which are periodicals and Newsroom which are important updates from APH.

    Tip 4: Searching for Optional and Replacement Parts
    If you are searching for optional or replacement parts for products on the shop, all parts are now found on the associated product page. You can search for the parent product that the part is associated with to find it within the Optional and Replacement Items of the product page.

    Tip 5: Searching for books (Excluding APH Press books)
    When searching for large print, braille or audio books, we recommend that you search for those types of books on Once you find the book you are searching for (so long as it is a title that APH produces. For more info contact our customer service) copy the catalog number from Louis and then search for it here on

    If searching for APH Press titles, simply search for the title you are searching for on All APH Press titles are available through our search.

    Tip 6: Expanded Search Filtering
    When searching on you can filter the results. First just below the search bar are four filter types; Pages, Products, Posts, and Documents. By default a search will contain all four of these results along with how many results have returned for each type. Pages are the common pages that make up Products are found on the APH shop. Posts are blog articles and news updates. Documents are downloadable files and documents associated to products such as manuals and software. You can narrow your search to any one of those types to help you find what you are searching for.

    If you are still having trouble finding what you are searching for on please call our customer service line and speak with an experienced representative that can assist.

    Customer Service can be reached at: 800-223-1839 or email Hours are from 8am to 8pm weekdays.

    We’d also like to inform you that we at APH are working very diligently to make the best experience possible in every way that we are able. If you have any feedback, please contact our customer service team and provide us with your thoughts as to how we can improve the experience for you. Otherwise, keep checking back as we have some very exciting updates in the works in the near future!

Searching for textbooks from APH or other accessible media producers? Go to Louis.

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Braille Blaster Logo

Produce high-quality braille material with this free, revolutionary tool!

Catalog Number: D-30029-AP

Not Federal Quota Eligible


Even Easier Braille: Introducing BrailleBlaster V2!
image of a woman sitting at a desk using brailleblaster on a computer

What is BrailleBlaster Version 2? BrailleBlaster V2 is a near-complete rewrite of how the software functions. It is a step...


Getting the Most out of BrailleBlaster: Quick and Easy Tutorials
title slide of

BrailleBlaster! BrailleBlaster? Is it a video game? Is it a superhero? No, even better, it’s a free, braille transcription program...


Home is Where the Braille Is: BrailleBlaster Software Is for Everyone
A student reads a braille textbook while sitting outside under a tree with a friend

Software for transcribing braille has been available for many years, but due to cost, it has been out of reach...


Everyday Braille with BrailleBlaster, Mantis Q40, and Chameleon 20
a mantis q40 sitting on a desk in front of a desktop monitor

In the 21st century, braille literacy is more important than ever. While screen readers have opened up a technological revolution...


eBraille: Inception to Reality
A student uses the Monarch's orange zoom out button while viewing a braille document. The top of a tactile graphic is visible at the bottom of the refreshable braille display. In the background a blue tactile solar system can be seen.

A new file standard will soon be available for braille readers! Created by APH and partners around the world, eBraille...


APH Tech: Providing Answers to  All of Your Access Questions
APH Tech logo

Interested in learning more about popular APH products like BrailleBlaster, Typer Online, and more? The APH Tech site has information...


The Braille You Need – FAST!
a students hands on a braille spiral bound book

It takes time to transcribe and emboss a book – but we know there are times you need braille right...


#AtHomeWithAPH Resources
a teenage student in glasses working at a laptop with headphones on

We’re all familiar with the effects that social distancing, self-quarantine, and canceled in-person services are having on our day-to-day lives....


Summer Reading Program
The Chameleon 20 and Mantis Q40 braille displays sit next to each other.

Summer is a wonderful time of year when the weather is hot and the kids are out of school, so...


Meet APH Scholar Karen Reno
photo of Karen smiling pinned to a corkboard

APH would like to congratulate Karen Reno, nominated by Ex Officio Trustee (EOT), Kay Ratzlaff, for being selected as a...


Meet APH Scholar, Nabiha Mujahid
a photo of Nabiha standing in a hallway

APH congratulates Nabiha Mujahid, nominated by EOT, Robin King, for being selected as a 2020-2021 APH Scholar. A biochemistry major...


PageBlaster FAQs
Missing Image Placeholder

Web Page

APH Outreach – Building Connections in Puerto Rico: Looking to the Future
Jeff handing Spanish Legos Braille bricks to Diana Hernandez in school.

Making Connections On the second day of my trip, Taina and I hit the road to meet up with TVIs...


Students and Teachers ‘Count’ on APH’s Accessible Math Materials
Nabiha sitting outside in front of a landscaped building entrance. She is smiling and wearing a black blazer and white button down shirt.

An Interview with Nabiha Mujahid, TVI and APH Scholar Math is a challenging subject to teach and learn. Those difficulties...


Building Your Student Testing Toolkit
Three students write at a large table in a classroom. A teacher hands a piece of paper to the student nearest to the middle of the table.

Take tests with confidence using accessible tools and materials! Students who are blind or low vision may need access to...


Braille Trail Reader: A Versatile Resource for All Ages
BTR with smartphone, keyboard, and coffee

APH’s Braille Trail Reader LE has been discontinued. We will continue to support the Braille Trail Reader by ensuring screen...


APH Behind the Scenes: A Look At The People and Processes that Bring You Braille
close up of printer and braille paper on the factory floor at APH

APH is known for producing a plethora of braille materials for our customers. But, how exactly does a file get...


Larry Skutchan: Access Tech Visionary Retires
Missing Image Placeholder

Modern technology has had so many contributors to its success, growing from the foundations laid by industry giants, such as...


Be the Boss of Your Embosser
PixBlaster, a gray embosser with dark blue details, and page blaster, a black embosser with hot pink details sit side by side

We know getting the braille you need quickly is important for success in the classroom, but it’s not always easy...


2020 in Review: A Year of Tech (+ Juno Coming Soon!)
Photograph of APH products, Juno, Chameleon, Mantis and PixBlaster.

As the year starts to wrap up we’re looking back at all the exciting new products we launched in 2020....


Building Your Braille Literacy Toolkit
a little boy and girl, both wearing glasses, sit on a red bench and play with Braille Buzz together.

Reading and writing are the foundations of a successful education and lifelong learning. Finding the right tools for each student’s...


Annual Meeting 2023 Wrap Up
NFB President Mark Riccobono speaks into a microphone from behind a clear glass podium. The APH logo is projected behind him.

This October, APH hosted the Annual Meeting of APH Ex Officio Trustees (EOTs) with our EOT Census Assistants, Online Ordering...


News Releases
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News releases help get our most recent news out into the community and help turn the hope of making the world more accessible into a reality. Stay tuned.

Web Page

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