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Singles or Doubles Anyone?

an aph tennis ball on a racket

Stay active this winter with our 30-Love Tennis Kit!

APH’s 30-Love Tennis Kit allows for indoor, competitive, family fun. Playing tennis against a basement wall provides hours of exercise, whether playing alone against the wall or challenging a family member in a game similar to racquetball. Another option is to place targets on the wall, each with assigned points.

How do you play blind tennis? Check out this video from Guide Dogs about how tennis player and coach Rosie plays and how her guide dog, Kane, helps her.

Want to learn more about the 30-Love Tennis Kit? “Mario the Gr8t” tells us about the kit and demonstrates its use for us in this video for the Unforgettable Star Spring 2016 Contest.

Just a thought, hang a photo of  COVID-19 on the wall and release your frustrations on it—hitting it over and over again—the one who hits it the most consecutive times wins the round.


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