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a sample of the contents of the kit including book, tray, binder, felt board, and velcro braille syllables The APH I-M-ABLE Kit: Helping Young Students Succeed

“This approach is what moved my student from reading just braille letters to reading words. He can now record events through simple stories, read a more detailed schedule, and feel more engaged and in control of the activities because they are all based on his preferences.”

-TVI Field Tester


Reading braille is a difficult task, especially for young children. If your student is having trouble identifying braille letters and their accompanying sounds, the I-M-ABLE book and its supplementary APH materials may become your student’s new best friend. The Individualized Meaning-Centered Approach to Braille Literacy Education is described in detail in the 2016 book I-M-ABLE by Dr. Diane P. Wormsley published by AFB Press. Designed to motivate, engage, and reward children—the lessons in this kit make learning braille easy and fun.

a close up of the I-M-Able book, kit items behind it


  • Reading instruction is centered on continuously analyzing the strengths and needs of students
  • Engages students by using key vocabulary words and phrases based on their individual interests and experiences
  • An invaluable resource for helping students with mild to moderate cognitive impairments, or other difficulties, make progress in braille reading and writing skills



  • I-M-ABLE book (available in print or USB flash drive electronic file)
  • Teacher instruction booklet
  • I-M-ABLE teacher workshop training videos and handouts (link to videos provided in teacher instruction booklet)
  • The APH Word PlayHouse Kit – assists with development of phonics skills
  • Four non-slip, desktop APH sorting trays for playing games with word cards


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