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APH Field Services & Federal Quota Info

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APH Ex Officio Trustees such as these are supported in their administration of the Act to Promote the Education of the Blind by APH’s Field Services Department.

The term "Field Services" refers to the informational, consultative, and administrative services provided by APH staff to support Ex Officio Trustees in their administration of the Federal Quota Program. This includes but is not limited to:

Through Field Services, APH personnel are available to conduct training sessions, presentations, and workshops in availability, teaching methodology, and prescriptive use of the specially-designed materials.

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Workshops & Publications

Annual Meeting of Ex Officio Trustees and Special Guests

Federal Quota Reference

Appropriate Use of Federal Quota Census Data

NOTICE: For Press Members and Researchers: The number of students who read braille in the United States CANNOT be determined from these data.

Before citing these data in a publication, please contact the American Printing House for the Blind at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

The specific purpose of the annual Federal Quota Census is to register students in the United States and Outlying Areas who meet the definition of blindness and are therefore eligible for adapted educational materials from APH through the Act to Promote the Education of the Blind.

Statements regarding student literacy, use of appropriate learning media, and students taught in a specific medium cannot be supported using APH registration data.

Ex Officio Trustee Advisory Committees & Directories

Videos from APH’s Museum Exhibit, “Products for Students”

screen capture from a  video featuring Dr. Michael Bina and students of the Maryland School for the Blind

The following videos were created for a permanent exhibit in the APH Museum, “Products for Students: APH Partners with the Federal Government,” that covers many aspects of the Act to Promote the Education of the Blind (1879). The first video features Dr. Michael Bina and students of the Maryland School for the Blind. The second offers the perspectives of seasoned APH Ex Officio Trustees: Lou Tutt, Colorado (now Executive Director of AER); Leslie Durst, Indiana; and Nancy Niebrugge, California. The third includes historical views of APH presented by government Leaders: Kentucky Governor Beshear, U.S. Congressman Yarmuth, and U.S. Senator McConnell.