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Look for These New Books Coming Soon

Foundations of Orientation & Mobility, 4th Edition

William R. Wiener, Robert Wall Emerson, and Bruce B. Blasch—Editors

Now in its fourth edition, Foundations of Orientation and Mobility remains the classic reference and textbook for O&M professionals and students alike. A comprehensive work spread across two volumes, Foundations of O&M, 4th ed., contains contributions from over 50 of the leading scholars, teachers, and practitioners in the field addressing topics such as teaching methodologies, sensorimotor functioning, working with both children and adults, and navigating complex intersections. There will also be an emphasis on the many new technologies and apps available to children and adults who are blind or visually impaired to help them better navigate their world.

Release date: Spring 2023

An Itinerant Teacher’s Guide to an Effective and Efficient School Year

Stacey Chambers—Author

This comprehensive guidebook for the itinerant teacher of students with visual impairments is based on years of experience refining systems and practices for efficient and effective teaching. The book will establish guiding principles and cover topics including organization, the Expanded Core Curriculum, and multiple disabilities.

Release date: Summer 2023

Accessible Science Education for Students with Visual Impairments

Tiffany Wild—Editor

The first title in APH Press’s STEM series, Accessible Science Education for Students with Visual Impairments, explores physics, biology, chemistry, geology, and astronomy, as well as arts-based and international science education. Leading professionals in the field introduce modern research and teaching methodologies that will unearth curiosity in the field of sciences for K–12 students. Focusing on practical application, this book will be a pocket guide for science educators working with students who are blind and visually impaired.

Release date: Fall 2024

Foundations of Low Vision, 3rd Edition

Kelly Lusk, Tessa McCarthy, and Kim Zebehazy—Editors

The ground-breaking text that highlighted the importance of focusing on the functional as well as clinical implications of low vision is being updated to reflect philosophical, technological, and pedagogical updates in the field. Foundations of Low Vision supports both adults and children by offering assessment, programming, and service guidelines centered on promoting independence and fulfillment for those who have low vision.

Release date: Fall 2024