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Assessing Daily Living Skills

The Functional Skills Assessment (FSA) is a tool for evaluating daily living skills for students at all levels.

FSA is divided into four modules that cover a number of skills. Each module has a corresponding teacher’s guide and set of scoring forms. All modules can be customized for use with students who have multiple disabilities.

Examples of daily living skills in each assessment include:

Clothing Management: Clothing storage, laundering, sewing
Food Management: Managing cooking tools and equipment (including using appliances), planning menus, preparing food, labeling and storing food
Home Management: Organizing surfaces and materials, managing household chores, understanding home safety practices
Self Management: Grooming, social skills, consumer skills

These assessments are recommended for grades K-12. Links below!

Manuals (also available in braille):

Clothing Management Manual, Print
Food Management Manual, Print 
Home Management Manual, Print 
Self Management Manual, Print 

Scoring books:

Clothing Management Scoring Book 
Food Management Scoring Book 
Home Management Scoring Book 
Self Management Scoring Book

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