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Products That Change Lives

a teacher sits with a student reading at a table

“APH continues to research and develop high-quality products that stay current in the field,” says Barb Johnson, a Teacher of the Visually impaired for more than 35 years.

Part of what she likes is how inclusive each product is: “I appreciate how APH products provide my students with materials which are also appealing to their classmates.”

Products from APH don’t just empower students, Barb says they’re empowering teachers.

“I had a high school Biology teacher, who was very nervous about having my student in his class. I ordered all the biology products in the science section and when I delivered them to him, he was so excited he could barely contain himself. My student had a productive year and did well in his class.”

There are a lot of APH products that have been helpful to Barb, but it’s the growth of the product line that she’s really enthusiastic about.

“I have been excited to witness the incredible growth of products designed to be used with students who have multiple disabilities including deaf-blindness and CVI. The Sensory Learning Kit has been extremely useful in helping resource teachers learn their students best time for learning and which materials elicit positive responses and aids them in creating appropriate routines for learning.”

APH continues to expand its product line to further break down barriers and ensure a future that belongs to everyone. That’s what we’ve been doing for more than 160 years. If you’d like to be a part of creating a world that welcomes everyone, join us for Give for Good Day by donating. Your participation will ensure teachers like Barb continue to have new and innovative products. Visit today!

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