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Braille Tales

Early reading develops braille awareness skills and an enthusiasm for literacy in the hearts of young children. That’s why APH offers free print/braille books for children who are blind or low vision. We know the future starts with our children.

Hands on a print/braille book

Braille Tales books allow children to become interested in braille from a young age, encouraging them to be lifelong braille readers. This program provides six free Print/Braille books a year to blind and low vision children until the child’s 6th birthday, as well as to blind and low vision parents of children under six years old. This program is open to US Residents.

A Partnership for the Children.

APH has partnered with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, which offers free books to children from birth to age five in five countries. Through this partnership, 6 of the DPIL books are chosen each year to be our Braille Tales books. Braille labels are added to each book, bringing the whole family together by allowing you to read braille or print.

Woman reading children's book to a toddler

Share the power of a good book.

Books Coming in 2024

Ice Cream Face
The Big Slide
Something Wild
Who Says Quack?

Why stop with Braille?

We offer audio files of Imagination Library books as free downloads!


If you have any questions about Braille Tales, contact Christine Genovely at

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