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We’re making history.

‘Connect the Dots’ Kicks off at Northeast Regional Library

WLKY News attended the first Connect the Dots, powered by PNC Foundation event.

An adult speaks to a young girl from across a table while another man stands at the head of the table. The table between the adults and the child has several muffin tins filled with colorful tennis balls.

Connect the Dots Programs Planned at Louisville Libraries to Educate Public About Blindness

WDRB News was in attendance for the press conference announcing APH’s new program, Connect the Dots, powered by PNC Foundation.

A group of eight adults pose for a photo while standing around a gigantic cranmer abacus. Another adult squats with a young child near the bottom right corner of the abacus. Behind the two leftmost standing adults, a tall thin banner reading “Connect the Dots” can be seen.

Art Competition in Louisville Centers Work by Low-Vision and Blind Artists

Louisville Public Media’s Breya Jones highlights the annual art competition that showcases art made from individuals who are blind or low vision.

This framed, mosaic artwork measures 13 by 15.5 by 1 inch. The piercing blue eyes of the wolf, centered in the artwork, draw the viewer in immediately, curiosity piqued. The ears on the wolf are active, raised, and alert, looking out from the snowy landscape. The nose and mouth remain neutral, still inquisitive of the surroundings. The wolf is stark against the light background. Dark gray tiles frame the wolf’s forehead and cheeks, fading to light and heather grays as the tiles progress to the upper haunches. The texture of the tiles gives life to the coat, scruffy but soft. The modest dark frame around the piece enhances the contrast of light to dark of the piece, providing a window to gaze out at the wolf or, rather, it in.