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We have stories that need to be told.

Help us break down barriers by learning more about APH.

2018 News Releases

  • Helen Keller’s Writing Desk now on Display

    11/ 20/ 2018 – B-roll and photos of unveiling are available

  • Art Exhibit Breaks Down Barriers

    10/3/2018 – InSights Art Gives Artists Who Are Blind a Platform for Incredible Art Work


  • Marrakesh Treaty Given Final Approval

    10 / 11 / 2018 – APH Becomes a Member of the Accessible Books Consortium

  • The Ali Center teams up with APH to expand accessibility

    7/18/2018 – Indoor Explorer allows people who are blind or visually impaired to navigate buildings


  • APH Recognized by FCC for Advancement in Accessibility

    6/13/2018 – The Orbit Reader 20 leads industry push for affordable refreshable braille


  • Federal Budget Increase to Improve Access to Educational Materials

    4 /2 / 2018 – Additional $2 Million to be disbursed across all states as part of Federal Quota Program.

  • AFB, APH Partner for Accessible Future

    2 / 7 / 2018 – APH to Provide Ongoing Stewardship for Key Programs Founded by AFB.

  • APH Celebrates Milestone

    01/08/2018 – Business Celebrates 160 Years in Louisville.

  • Kentucky Center for the Arts Breaks Down Barriers

    01/18/2018 – The Kentucky Center is First Performing Arts Venue in the U.S. to Use New Technology to Assist Visually Impaired Visitors

2017 News Releases

  • Introducing Reach & Match Learning Kit®

    12/20/2017 – Reach & Match Learning Kit® Stimulates Multiple Senses to Educate and Engage

  • Indoor Explorer Pilot Project Debuts Ironically at Airport

    November 7, 2018 – Indoor Explorer Pilot Project in Use at Louisville International Airport

  • Braille on Demand is Now a Thing

    10/27/2017 – Braille on Demand: Software Creates Equal Access to Learning Materials

  • Graphiti makes National Debut

    9/12/2017 – Graphiti Debuts at Kennedy Center in our Nations’s Capitol

  • APH Experiences Historic Moment

    08/24/2017 – A Historic Moment: People Who Are Blind View Eclipse in Real Time

  • Welcome Aboard, Jane W. Hardy

    1/23/2017 – National Organization Chooses Jane W. Hardy as New Board Chair