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Photograph of Helen Keller reading a braille edition of Reader's Digest

“To people without sight The Reader’s Digest is like a wonderful friend who fills their hands with the treasures of instructive talk and world-wide news. For a few days each month, I am surrounded by…the full, surging life of the world.”
—Helen Keller.

APH is proud to offer accessible editions of Reader’s Digest®, Newsweek®, and Scholastic News® (formerly Weekly Reader®) to eligible readers who are blind and visually impaired. Subscriptions to Reader’s Digest® and Newsweek® are free to eligible U.S. citizens, although donations are appreciated to help defray costs.

Ways to Subscribe

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Annual cost for each magazine (paying is optional for eligible subscribers):

U.S. readers have the option to pay the subscription charge, but are under no obligation to do so; contributions are always welcome — Donate Online Now. Non-U.S. citizens and gift-givers must pay the full subscription charge for one year. Contact the Magazine Department for further questions: 1-800-223-1839 or email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Available Magazines

Reader’s Digest®, Braille

Reader's Digest Braille Volumes

Reader’s Digest® Digital Flash Cartridges

Note: Due to the cost of the cartridges, subscribers must return the cartridge in the supplied postage-free mailing container after they are finished with each issue.

Reader’s Digest®, Digital Talking Book Download

Reader’s Digest®, Cassette Tape

Reader's Digest cassette tape

Reader’s Digest®, Large Print

Available for purchase directly from Reader’s Digest at 1-800-807-2780 or www.rd.comOpens a new window. Note: APH does not publish this format.

Newsweek®, Digital Talking Book Download

Newsweek®, Cassette Tape

Newsweek cassette tape

Scholastic News® (formerly Weekly Reader®), Large Print
& Braille

Cover of a Scholasic News issue

How to Obtain a Talking Book-Type Tape Player

A Talking Book-type cassette tape player or digital cartridge player is designed to play specially recorded tapes that are available only to eligible readers. These players are available on a free loan basis from the library in your state that serves visually impaired or physically handicapped readers.

How You Can Help

Reader’s Digest® on cassette and in braille and Newsweek® on cassette are available free of charge to qualified readers who are visually impaired and blind. This service is made possible by generous donors. Donate now online.

Reader’s Digest is a trademark of The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc.; Newsweek is a trademark of Newsweek, Inc.; Scholastic News is a trademark of Scholastic News Corporation.