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Introducing Jupiter: Magnify the World!

3.2.1. – Blast off! The Jupiter Portable Magnifier is now available from American Printing House! Jupiter is a sleek, compact device that helps users of all ages who are visually impaired see the world in high definition.

“The camera allowed for high-quality images to be captured on the screen in photo view mode, or viewed in real time with little to no motion blur when documents were moved under the camera,” explains educator, Martin Monson who reviewed the Jupiter. “The color representation was also near perfect.”


With the following three camera modes,  Jupiter is super versatile:

Reading: excellent for reading a book, prescription bottle labels, or completing a homework assignment.

Distance-view: magnifies up to 150x and is great for viewing a presentation, speaker, instructor, or anything at the front of a classroom or venue.

Self-view: works just like an HD mirror, and perfect for applying makeup and other grooming activities.


Learn more about Jupiter, or get your own!

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