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APH SMART Brailler by Perkins

APH SMART Brailler combines a standard braille keyboard, speech output, and SimBraille and large print on a colorful screen, creating a product that enables users to assist one another in mastering the Braille code.

This mechanical SMART Brailler includes a 4-inch color screen and speaker to provide immediate visual and audio feedback to those learning braille.

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Catalog Number: 1-00820-00

Product Description

The base unit of the APH SMART Brailler is the Perkins/APH Brailler, which was designed to be quieter, lighter, and more comfortable for the user. This mechanical SMART Brailler includes a built-in screen and speaker to provide immediate visual and audio feedback to those learning braille. Feedback is available via text-to-speech and a screen that displays SimBraille and large print of what is brailled in uncontracted or contracted braille. This feedback also provides access to someone who does not know braille.

Additional Information
The current software version for the SMART Braille is version, which includes Unified English Braille (UEB) in the Language Settings. To check the software version on your brailler, follow these steps:

  1. From Braille Entry mode, press the Menu button (round, green button on the right of the video screen) to go to Main Menu.
  2. Use the Down Navigation button to scroll down to Settings and select it using the Select button (diamond-shaped, green button).
  3. Scroll down and select System, then scroll and select System Info. Braillers with the current software will show this App Version:
  4. Press the Menu button to return to Braille Entry mode.

To update the software on SMART Braillers to the current version: Download the instructions and latest free software to update your SMART Brailler.


  • The download link will take you to a webpage.
  • The software update zip folder is large (over 600 MB) and may take several minutes to download.
  • You will need a blank USB drive to perform the update.