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Start your audio adventure with Audiojack – an audio-based movie comprised only of sound designs that, together, tell a story for your imagination!

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Catalog Number: D-19915-OL

Product Description

Appropriate for young students to older adults, Audiojack is perfect for creative, fun, educational, medical,

and therapeutic settings. Audiojack promotes mindfulness, allowing your imagination and memory to converge as you start to build your own story based on what you hear.

Get started with a monthly or annual subscription for your home, classroom, school building, or school district. Subscribe to a single user or multi-user group plan today and receive instant access to the complete library of Audiojacks. Your subscription includes access to a full list of Audiojack Activities. Subscribers also have the flexibility to log in and use their account on the Audiojack mobile app and web app.

Join David Tobin of Audiojack for Audiojack Live every Tuesday at 2 p.m. EST. During Audiojack Live, you will experience an Audiojack and share your experience with the participants.

Zoom Meeting ID: 751 1757 0237
Password: xjy2749F

Note: Audiojack is part of the APH Innovations product line, and is not available for purchase with Federal Quota funds.

    • An accessible mobile app with monthly and yearly subscription plans
    • Appropriate for all ages and levels of experience
    • Engaging audio-based movies with no words, no music, no video, only sounds
    • Audio-based movies that build upon listening, memory, and mindfulness skills as listeners work to create their own story based on what they hear
    • Provides a break from other daily life stimulations and reduces stress
    • Useful in creative, fun, educational, medical, and therapeutic settings
    • Different categories of Audiojacks: Action/Adventure, Audiojack AR (Audiojacks that allow you to decide where the story goes), Environment, Historical, Life (perfect for students learning orientation and mobility skills), Sports, and Wildlife
    • Activities that enhance the Audiojack experience such as creating a movie poster, story board, or story outline and writing a story by yourself or with others
  • Federal Quota Funds: Not Available

    Media: Software, Subscription

  • Contact Audiojack if you have any questions about your software or subscription.