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Braille Brain

A FREE, self-paced online braille tutorial that provides self-graded practice and assessments using 6-key entry in the foundations of UEB.

Braille Brain is available FREE on the web here!

Catalog Number: 1-00390-00

Product Description

Braille Brain promotes braille literacy for pre-service and in-service Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments (TSVIs), paraprofessionals, parents, and educational team members.

The Braille Brain website consists of three main components: braille training materials that focus on UEB literary braille and Nemeth Braille, braille reading and writing assessment, and instructional materials and evidence-based practices that support braille literacy and STEM instruction.

Watch our APH product expert give a tour of Braille Brain in this video!

    • Interactive, 6-key entry basic braille instruction with immediate feedback.
    • Graded multiple-choice practice
    • Reading and writing prompts
    • “This is a great practice website for teachers, paras, and parents to have exposure and access to the braille code and how it works.”
    • “Braille Brain was very helpful for me to practice and improve my skills in teaching braille to my students. Immediate feedback was helpful.”
    • “I can see that families would really love it, and it could be helpful for other school staff who support braille learners.”
    • “I really liked the website and the content. I am so excited this resource has been created! The site was easy to read and navigate, and the content was clear and concise.”
    • “Braille Brain is a great product for students, TVIs, and anyone interested in learning braille!”
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