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Orbit Reader 20

Priced at a fraction of the cost of similar devices, Orbit Reader 20™ combines simplicity, functionality, and connectivity in a refreshable braille display.


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A single line of signage-quality, 20 braille cells accurately represent any six- or eight-dot braille code, in any language, and for any discipline.

Developed by APH, Orbit Research, and The Transforming Braille Group, LLC, Orbit Reader 20™ allows for simple transferring between this device’s different user-friendly functions, which include reading, writing, bookmarking, searching, creating and editing braille, as well as file management.

Through the use of Bluetooth® wireless technology with iOS and Android™ devices, or through USB or Bluetooth® for Windows® and Mac®, Orbit Reader 20™ performs as a reader displaying the content of files stored on the SD™ card.

In Remote mode, Orbit Reader 20™ becomes a terminal that displays the braille for the app running on the phone, tablet, or PC.In the USB configuration, it supports both serial and human interface device (HID) protocols. If the screen reader supports it, no driver installation is required.

IMPORTANT NOTE – All new orders for Orbit Reader 20 placed June 2019 and beyond will be supported and serviced directly, and only, by Orbit Research Customer Service at 1-888-60-ORBIT (1-888-606-7248) or Units sold prior to June 2019 will continue to be serviced by APH.

    • 20 refreshable eight-dot braille cells
    • Eight Braille Input keys and Space bar
    • Navigation pad with four directional buttons (Up, Down, Left, Right) and the Select button
    • Micro-B USB charging port
    • SD™ (Secure digital) card slot
    • SD card slot
    • 2 Panning rocker keys
    • Bluetooth® wireless technology
    • User-replaceable, rechargeable batteries
    • Simple editing functions
    • Remote connectivity to PCs and mobile devices for use with a screen reader
    • Orbit Reader 20™ unit
    • Standard-A to Micro-B USB cable
    • AC adapter
    • SD card with User Guide and content (installed in unit)
    • Quick-Start Guide (print and braille)
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