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Promote early literacy skills and encourage young learners to practice braille characters and phonics.


Federal Quota Eligible

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Catalog Number: 1-03935-00

Product Description

BrailleBuzz is an instructional tool for young braille learners ages two to five. It encourages practice with braille characters and phonics, similar to a variety of audio-based toys that teach print writing.

BrailleBuzz resembles a cartoon bumblebee, encouraging little ones with audio feedback. A friendly recorded human voice and fun sounds are paired with a Perkins-style braille keyboard, designed with little hands in mind.

Three Modes of Play
– Phonics Mode: fun sound and letter associations are made.
– Keyboard Mode: all key combinations are announced with dot numbers.
– Letters Mode: dot number announcement reinforces the relationship between reading letters and writing on the keyboard.

Requires 2 AA alkaline batteries (not included). Rechargeable batteries not recommended.

WARNING: Choking Hazard—Small Parts. Not intended for children ages 5 and under without supervision

    • Develops finger dexterity and braille keyboarding
    • Develops emergent phonics and listening skills
    • The given letter is heard when the correct combination of dot/keys are pressed
    • The honeycomb buttons, with braille, speak the letters when pushed
  • How do I switch between activities on the BrailleBuzz?

    Tap the letter M + Spacebar to toggle between the three learning modes.

    How do I change the volume on my BrailleBuzz?

    Tap the letter V + Spacebar to toggle between the three volume options. You will hear a chime sound that represents each volume level that will assist in determining which level you need.

    My BrailleBuzz is making a buzzing sound. Is there something wrong with it?

    The buzzing, or humming sound, is a feature of the device that alerts you to change the batteries. We recommend that only Alkaline batteries (non-rechargeable) be used with BrailleBuzz.

    The audio continually repeats “Hi, I’m BrailleBuzz.” and won’t advance. What should I do?

    Check to make sure your batteries are not running down. It may be a good idea to remove them and put them back in, causing a reset for the device.

    My child dropped the BrailleBuzz, now it does not turn on. What is wrong?

    The batteries may have become dislodged. Check that the batteries are installed properly.

    My child dropped the BrailleBuzz and one of the keys broke off.

    You can press the key back into place. It will click back into place, similar to keys on your computer keyboard.

  • Weight: 2 lbs

    Dimensions: 12.6 × 14.35 × 4.95 in

    Federal Quota Funds: Available

    Product Type: Tactile Learning

    Age: 2-5 years

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